Use this site as a 'springboard' to find what you're looking for, and FreedomFinder's job is done!

(** If you'd like to submit a Group or and Event, scroll to the bottom of the page for more info)

Groups & Events Explained

"Groups" refer to physical groups of people that meet in person. If there's one thing we all need more than ever today, it is stronger communities with real-world connections, with real people. We need friendships, relationships, laughter, community and support. There's no better way of providing that than with human connection and touch. 

"Events" can refer to anything from regular weekly 'get togethers' for coffee and a chat, to festivals, fundraisers, information and skills sharing nights, markets, and, who knows, even the occasional rally to show solidarity for humane ways of life. Basically, ANY physical event that you would like people to know about.

For future developments of the site, we'd like to consider adding online groups and maybe also a business register for us all to support.

Let's see how things evovle 

Basic Use

Here are some pointers for what you can get out of FreedomFinders:

  • In your local area
    • Select your State or City (if it's in the list) from the top of the Home Page to see what Groups or Events are near you (you might be amazed at how many there are that you don't know about)
    • This will show you ALL the Groups and Events for that State or City
  • When you're travelling
    • See what Groups or Events are happening along your travels and maybe plan a visit if there's something of interest
    • The results show you all the Groups and Events and also includes a map to make it easier.
  • If you like a certain group
    • If you want to grow your community and you like certain groups, like My Place Australia or Stand In the Park for example, select the appropriate tiles from the Home Page under the 'Groups' heading. You'll be shown all groups around the country for that association
  • General stuff
    • On the Home page there are lists of upcoming events for each state. Click on any event and it will take you to that Event page with full details
    • Selecting a specific date from the calendar will show all events for that date
    • You might want to browse ALL Groups or ALL Events?
      • For those that are more visual, on the respective pages there are maps showing all the locations around the country.
      • Click on map icons to see a small preview > click the tile for full details.
  • Just have a look around on the site and see what you find :)
  • It's always great to meet more like-minded people. If you'd like to attend a new Group or Event, do them the courtesy of sending a message and let them know you're coming.

Claim ownership of a Group

If you happen to see your Group listed and you'd like to take ownership and manage it yourself, you can click the 'Claim this listing' link that's displayed for all available groups.

From here, FreedomFinder releases the administration of the group to you which gives you the freedom to post detailed descriptions, provide documents that you might want to share and also to post Events that you are running.

If you need more details, please contact us and we'll help where we can.


Submit a Group or an Event

Ultimately, this site needs Groups and Events to be useful. We've added as many as we are aware of and we'll continue to do this as we become aware of them.

Future plans for the site includes the ability for group owners/admins to make up their own user accounts so they can manage their own group listings and events. We're working on making that available as soon as possible, but in the meantime, if you have a Group or an Event you'd like featured on the site, please use our Contact Page and select the appropriate options. 


Future Development

Ultimately, future development and functionality on the site will be determined by how much the site gets used. We remain hopeful that it will prove useful for us all around the country, but that will be for the people to decide.

For the initial launch of the site, the intention is to provide as many Events and Groups as we can add ourselves. If there's one thing we all need more than ever, it's for us all to find one another and support the many events and initiatives that take place around the country. Time will tell if Freedom Finder helps achieve that. We hope so.

One of the main functionalities that will be added is for Group owners/Admins to 'Claim a Listing' (if your listing exists on the site), or to sign up your own user accounts, which will enable you to add and manage your own Groups and Events. This will be somewhat dependent on the traffic and use of the site.

If this eventuates, it will serve to provide far richer and more detailed content on the site and also an increase in the number of Events.

While there are other functions we *could* add to the site, it is best to see how people like to use the site and what information is of most use. This will help determine how the site evolves. 

We are passionate about making this platform available in it's best possible form and while we know that "we" will find it indispensable, we hope that you all will too.

We'll do our best to take heed of any feedback and will do our best to accommodate where possible.

During these early stages there are likely to be frequent updates as well as frequently added content, so do come back from time to time to see what's new.

Thanks everyone. Let's DO this!

Sorry folks. Just doing some maintenance.

Check back soon. We shouldn't be too long.